Tumbleweed Dispensary in no way guarantees the information below as definitive or authoritative. Please consult state laws and/or local law enforcement should you have questions or doubts about the legality of your actions.


INDICA – These strains deliver a more tranquil, relaxed feeling. Some folks might become really sleepy or quiet and give away their hand inadvertently after falling asleep face first into their pile of poker chips.

SATIVA – Cannabis products from this family are said to enhance creativity and spark up fun conversations. For some, sativa can cause a feeling of paranoia, like that nagging suspicion someone is going to steal your horse while you’re in the outhouse.

HYBRID – A mix of Sativa and Indica, with each unique strain providing a different balance. Some may experience feelings associated with Sativa initially, then Indica later, kind of like when your morning coffee buzz gives way to an early shot of whiskey.

THC – (Tetrahydrocannabinol) The naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis products that has psychoactive properties which affect your brain, thereby causing intoxicating effects when consumed. Do not saddle up while under the influence of THC.

CBD – (Cannabinoids) Compounds found in cannabis which have significant medical benefits, but will not make you feel “high.” CBD products can be used as a natural treatment option for patients seeking relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, spasms and/or seizures. After a rough spell out on the range, nothing delivers relief like CBD salves, oils, and soaks.


MILLIGRAMS – (Mg) The unit in which edible cannabis products are dosed. Individual tolerances vary, but some basics for consuming edibles could be:

  • 3-5 Mg for the first-time wrangler
  • 5-10 Mg for the occasional cowboy
  • 10-25 Mg for the daily rider

GRAM/EIGHTH/QUARTER/OUNCE – Much like gold nuggets, these are units of measurement for flower (AKA bud). If you are not familiar with these measurements, consult your trusty Tumbleweed Budtender to learn more.


You must present a valid ID to showing that you are 21+ years of age purchase cannabis products recreationally.

Individuals over 21 years old may legally possess:

  • Two (2) ounces of Flower – OR –
  • Sixteen (16) grams of Concentrate – OR –
  • 1600 Mg of Edibles

It is illegal to:

  • Leave Colorado with cannabis products
  • Consume cannabis in public
  • Drive while under the influence of cannabis
  • Give or sell cannabis products to minors